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If you're on a Mac, you can develop your Vapor project using Xcode. You can build, run, and stop your server from within Xcode, as well as use breakpoints and instruments to debug your code.

Xcode 9 running Vapor

Xcode is a great way to develop Vapor apps, but you can use any text editor you like.

Generate Project

To use Xcode, you just need to generate an Xcode project using Vapor Toolbox.

vapor xcode


Don't worry about comitting the generated Xcode Project to git, just generate a new one whenever you need it.


To build and run your Vapor app, first make sure you have the Run scheme selected from the schemes menu. Also make sure to select "My Mac" as the device.

Run Scheme

Once that's selected, just click the play button or press Command + R on your keyboard.


To run your unit tests, select the scheme ending in -Package and press Command + U.


There may be a few extraneous schemes in the dropdown menu. Ignore them!