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Every Vapor project has an Application. You use the application to run your server and create any services you might need at boot time.

The best place to access the application is in your project's boot.swift file.

import Vapor

public func boot(_ app: Application) throws {
    // your code here

Unlike some other web frameworks, Vapor doesn't support statically accessing the application. If you need to access it from another class or struct, you should pass through a method or initializer.


Avoiding static access to variables helps make Vapor performant by preventing the need for thread-safe locks or semaphores.


The application's main function is to boot your server.


However, the application is also a container. You may use it to create services required to boot your application.


Do not use the application, or any services created from it, inside a route closure. Use the Request to create services instead.

let client = try app.make(Client.self)
let res = try client.get("").wait()
print(res) // Response


It's okay to use .wait() here instead of .map/.flatMap because we are not inside of a route closure.

Learn more about services in Getting Started → Services.