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Install Toolbox

Vapor's command line interface provides shortcuts and assistance for common tasks.

Installation (macOS): Install → macOS

Installation (Ubuntu): Install → Ubuntu

Vapor Toolbox

Help prints useful information about available commands and flags.

vapor --help

You can also run the --help option on any Toolbox command.

vapor new --help

The --help flag should be your goto for learning about the toolbox as it is the most up-to-date.


The Toolbox's most important feature is helping you create a new project.

vapor new <name>

Just pass the name of your project as the first argument to the new command.


Project names should be PascalCase →, like HelloWorld or MyProject.


By default, Vapor will create your new project from the API template. You can choose a different template by passing the --template flag.

Name Flag Description
API --template=api JSON API with Fluent database.
Web --template=web HTML website with Leaf templates.
Auth --template=auth-template JSON API with Fluent DB and Auth.


There are lots of unofficial Vapor templates on GitHub under the vapor + template topics →. You can use these by passing the full GitHub URL to the --template option.

Build & Run

You can use the toolbox to build and run your Vapor app.

vapor build
vapor run


We recommend building and running through Xcode if you have a Mac. It's a bit faster and you can set breakpoints! Just use vapor xcode to generate an Xcode project.


The toolbox should be updated by the package manager it was installed with.


brew upgrade vapor


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vapor